Light Systems​

As a manufacturer of technical lighting, Resolux Group has a robust foundation of knowledge, extensive experience, a diverse product range, facilities, and, most importantly, a highly skilled team equipped with the essential expertise required
​for the development and production of customized solutions tailored to our
​customers' specific needs. Given our 17 years track record cooperating with a
​majority of wind turbine market leaders, most of wind turbines around the world
​are equipped with our lights and/or light kits.

Scope of Supply

  • Lights and Light Kits produced to customer specifications to continuously
    ​improve functionality.
  • Lights produced comply with CE, UL, CSA, CE, CCC standards – and with 100% tested, safety fuction (see leaflets)
  • Plug & Play applications for fast, easy, and secure installation; and always tested before delivery.

  • Heat Element – Cold climate operation (Down to -40oC). / Full lumen output at
    ​low ambient temperature.

Datasheets, .ltd files and more detailed information will be available soon and can be requested through

LED Light Kit Set​

LED Replacement Kit
Due to new EU-regulations, fluorescent lamps are now threatened to be replaced because soon they will no longer be manufactured.

We recommend that you upgrade to appropriate LED Replacement Kit.
​These also offer more advantages over fluorescent tubes:

LEDs have a significantly lower energy consumption – so you save up to 60% energy with LED.
In addition, they are particularly durable with a service life of 60,000 hours.
​In contrast to the fluorescent lamp, the LED variant offers fast, flicker-free start and,
​in addition, has a high luminous flux and homogeneous light distribution even at low ambient temperatures.

​ √ ​ Very high lumen output.
​ √  ​Cost efficient solution.
​ √​  Excellent color rendering.


​We can help You find out which replacement kit is suitable for your system – And you can make the new installation quickly and easily with Resolux LED light kit:

Download Datasheet here.
​See the video for easy replacement with Resolux LED Replacement Kit

Reach out for more questions about lamp replacements, we are pleased to help you.

Please contact us: 

With care for the environment – and for a better future​

  • Minimize waste - Reuse of existing installation by replacing gear tray & diffuser.
  • Saving time by only replacing parts and not complete system – can be fixed in just a few hours.
  • Cost-savings by replacing old fluorescent lamps with Resolux LED fixtures.
  • Better for the environment.