Sustainable Products

​Resolux Group is continually working to minimize our environmental impact. In all we do, we strive to reduce the energy and carbon footprint for a better environment.
​We are committed to think greener and inspire all to act environmentally responsible, therefor we have also looked at our product catalog and the development of CO2 reduced products.
​At Resolux Group, we want to increase focus on greener production of wind turbines, so that the climate impact on the production of wind energy is reduced.
​The platforms in a wind turbine are just one component, but by choosing Wooden Platforms, we significantly can reduce the climate impact of just one component.

Wooden Platforms are the best choise for a fast, light and sustainable construction. – It is an ideal material for floor applications and reduces at the same time CO2 emissions.

​» EASY, and enables FAST construction.
» Incredibly STRONG and STABLE.
» LIGHT WEIGHT – without compromising strenght and durability.
» SUSTAINABLE – Saving CO2 by unused steel/aluminiumtransportation.


» STRUCTURE: Incredibly strong and dimensionally stable derived from its homogeneous bonded structure.
» SERVICE LIFE: Considered to be as long as the lifetime of the building with a target of 100 years.
» MANUFACTURING: Made of 3 mm thick rotary peeled and strength graded softwood veneers,
​   bonded with weather and boil-resistant phenol formaldehyde adhesive.  
​   Parts of the veneers are oriented in crosswise direction to enhance the transverse strength and stiffness of the products.
» RAW MATERIAL: Originated from sustainable norther forests primarily in Finland and 100% PEFC and FSC certified.
» RESOLUX GROUP is committed to use non-conflict materials in our supply chain including Russian veneer and birch product.
» WOOD meets the performance requirements of the platform and is therefore an ideal alternative to steel and aluminum.
​»​ Certifications: The trees are CE marked according to the EN 14374 standard.

Download the Wooden Platform Leaflet »


» Wood is a sustainable material. During ​ production it emits a lower carbon emission. Carbon storage – Our wooden platforms en sure a long carbon storage carbon time. ​​
​​» Wood is a renewable, recyclable and reusable building material. ​ CO2 is naturally captured by sustainably managed forest.
​​» Our wooden platforms ensure a long carbon storage time - End of Life.
​​RESOLUX INTRODUCING CARBON-reduced Wooden Platforms for Tower & Nacelles Internals. ​Wooden Platforms is a cost-effective product, with significant savings on carbon emissions.

​Watch the video, and see what we can do for you and the environment

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