Responsible Acts

CSR efforts are dynamic as we constantly strive to develop our business in respect of a responsible and sustainable way. Our CSR strategy has main focus on employees and reducing CO2 emissions.

​As a multinational corporation our focus on employees comes naturally. Social fairness is essential, and we want to ensure a high level of health and well-being for our employee. This requires strong focus from management and awareness of how we want to manage.

​We take responsibility for our society and environment. Therefore, we work ambitiously to reduce our CO2 emission. This requires that all of us contribute with dedication, for new ways of thinking business. We work diligently across our organization to reinforce the fundamental premise that everyone carries a part of this responsibility, beginning from the top down.

​Honesty and Respect are some of our core values in Resolux Group and our way of doing business is transparent and fair. We are committed to do our best in all aspects of our business.


At Resolux Group, we proudly support the important mission of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), more specifically Goal 3 (Good Health & Well-being) – Goal 4 (Quality Education) – Goal 5 (Gender Equality) – Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) - Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production).

The SDGs are set to encourage us to strive for a more sustainable and responsible development, for instance to stop global warming. We believe that we have a responsibility as a manufacturer to support this mission and pave the way towards more responsible production. 

We are supporting the following UN´s Sustainable Development Goals: 

Gender QualitY

Terms of equality is not the same in all parts of the world, as a global company we have a high standard for equality and diversity at all our subsidiaries worldwide.We continuously focus on our social responsibility, for acting responsible as a global company, by embracing diversity worldwide. ​​

Gender diversity is important to Resolux Group. We highly prioritize on a diverse team, which contributes to improving our business. A diverse team brings improved creativity, further perspectives, enhanced collaboration, a wider talent pool and much morefor Resolux Group. By focusing onqualifications, competences, and personality we ensure the most competent team for our company. ​

Although, we are challenged by a limited representation of female applicants, ​we feel obligated to attract even more talented female applicant to ensure a diverse and equal gender distribution at Resolux. 

For us to achieve the goal of contributing to SDG 5, we have close focus on work/life balance as part of our management strategy. We truly have confidence in our employees and offersflexible hours and flexible working space, so that the employees themselves creates a balance between work and life. ​

​1. We do not believe in gender quotas; we hire based on talent. ​
​2. ​We aim to attract a larger talent pool, by making our positions attractive for women as well as men. ​
​3. We focus on a healthy work/life balance, for example by flexible hours and allowing employees to partly,​​ work from home to attract all genders.

​​​​We, at Resolux Group, benefit from diversity and support SDG 5 for Gender Equality.​


At Resolux Group, we are ambitious about reducing our CO2 - so one of the steps in our strategy is to use green power solely.

​In HQ we have switched to wind energy, powered by OK a.m.b.a.​

Previously, we got our electricity from a cogeneration plant that primarily uses fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas to produce electricity. Fossil fuels emit CO2, and adds Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, whereas wind energy has zero emission.
​This means that we have reduced our emission from 6,9 tCO2e per year to zero at HQ. ​​

We have received a RECS-certificate from OK a.m.b.a. this implies that we receive 100% green energy from OK and contribute to green transition in Denmark. Our effort contributes SDG 7, for a world with clean and renewable energy. As such, this is a responsible act, we feel proud of at Resolux Group. ​

See certifikat »

We, at Resolux Group, benefit from Affordable & Clean Energy and support SDG 7.​


At Resolux, we value our global business, and as a global company, have the responsibility to act with consideration in the countries we operate in. From the very beginning of our journey, our vision has always been clear in prioritizing on creating local subsidiaries, with local manpower. This vision has several advantages. For us at Resolux, we gain great advantage with regards 

to knowledge of local business customs and culture. On a community level we support economic growth, by creating a new business and thereby new jobs for locals. ​

When we operate, especially in developing countries, we have a responsibility to ensure decent work conditions for local staff. 

At Resolux Group, we actually care about decent work, and provide fair conditions for our employees at all our subsidiaries worldwide. We provide basic terms that are equivalent to the average standard in the country in which we operate. In addition to these basic terms of employment, we offer a range of benefits for employees, to secure daily meals, healthcare, exercise, transportation etc., depending on what will increase well-being and working environment for our employees at each subsidiary.

At Resolux we believe in the global community and have confidence that those who can create growth are those with local knowledge and local networks and support SDG 8. ​


LIFELONG LEARNING - Education enables upward socio-economic mobility and is key to escaping poverty among the most marginalized and disadvantaged parts of society. It is for all ages, for young people to start off life, and for lifelong learning. ​

The English language proficiency in Brazil in general is low, most parts of Brazil have “very Low Proficiency”, the rest is “low” or “moderate” according to EF English Proficiency Index. At Resolux Brazil, we are aware of this issue, and are challenge by it as a global company. Hence why we have made an effort to strengthen our employees' English language skills, in order to take full advantage of their competences globally and strengthen employees in their own future. ​

This initiative supports UN SDG goal number 4, Quality education and Lifelong learning, and is important for the vision of Resolux, who believes in the individual, and that the individual blossoms with the right framework. Read more on this vision here. ​

We have a good story case of a production staff member in Brazil, Clebson Graciliano, a very dedicated employee, who has been working for Resolux Brazil for almost 6 years. He applied for the program in 2021 having no English language skills. 

Today he can already write, understand, and use English in his daily routine as new Inventory Control leader. ​

Clebson is a prime example, though far from the only one, of why this program is important. He had so much potential, yet couldn’t benefit of it, due to the language barrier. After he learned English, he upgraded the level of competence in the company. Beneficial for all – Clebson, Resolux and society.​ We will continue to develop our personnel and ensure lifelong learning at all levels. ​

We, at Resolux Group, benefit from quality education and support SDG 4 for Quality Education.​


Prominent in the management style at Resolux Group, is respect for the individual and all employees.
​There is mutual respect and trust at all levels. Inspiration and motivation drive the work, thus creating a positive atmosphere at Resolux Group. ​

Such respect originates from top down and our former CEO and founder Ole’s approach to people and business. To understand this humanistic approach to business management, you need to appreciate where Ole is coming from. His mindset is an asset for Resolux Group and is important to understand, in order to continue this positive atmosphere that so much characterize Resolux Group. ​

Ole being the youngest of 4 siblings, he has all characteristics of being youngest child. Adventurous and driven by dreams. ​

At a very young age, he started sailing, and he got passionated by this. During his architectural study, an offer of sailing with troubled young kids fell into his hands. The adventurer he is, accepted it andeventually dropped out of his study.
​He sailed for 15 years during which he inspired and motivated troubled kids for a better way of living. ​

By chance, on his way crossing the Atlantic, he met a guy who would like to have a sailing ship. Ole already having pursued his dream of sailing, was ready for new adventures, so he made a deal and traded the ship for shares in Resolux, thus becoming the CEO of Resolux Group. Of course, Resolux Group wasn’t the business it is today, so Resolux Group as you know it today is built from bottom up by Ole Teglgaard. ​

Building up Resolux Group, Ole kept faithful to his ethical morality and wanted to create a company where everyone works for a common goal, where everyone is included and everyone feels meaningful for the company. He leads from a vision that everyone has potential, and that this potential develops in the right environment. Ole sets the framework for this environment, creating a safe and positive workplace.​​