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Resolux Group – your preferred “One-stop supply chain for Wind Turbines”

Resolux Group delivers systems for Wind Turbine Towers and Nacelles. - We provide lighting, electrical, and mechanical systems for wind turbine towers and nacelles, packaged for easy assembly. It's a kind of 'IKEA solution' for wind turbine manufacturers, where we bring multiple suppliers under one roof. This makes the process highly efficient and reduces resource consumption for our customers. And with our global presence, we supply globally - locally.

The Resolux Group is a global company, established and based in Denmark in 1995 by Ole Teglgaard.
With Sales offices and production in Brazil, US, China, South Korea, Türkiye, ​and India we are pursuing our efforts of worldwide representation, to be close to our customers and their own activity zones.

​Our local representation globally secures our clients an industry leading supply chain management including unique technical features, competitive pricing, and accurate delivery, pre-packaged and ready for easy customer installation.

In addition to lighting, electrical, and mechanical systems, Resolux Group also offers so-called kitting solutions. With this consolidation (kitting), we bring together multiple suppliers under one roof, making the process highly efficient and reducing the resource consumption of our customers.

Resolux Group has established itself as a market leader in the supply of turbine power and nacelle internals both for onshore and offshore, serving as a "One-stop supply chain for Wind Turbines" to help streamline customer´s production process.

Resolux Group aims to develop and deliver sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions that meet the specific needs of the sector, both onshore and offshore, as well as for the aftermarket. Our in-house engineering team supports customers with lighting calculations and cost-effective components that align with their individual requirements.

Furthermore, the company places great importance on embracing a sustainable mindset and the commitment we must minimize our environmental impact, both in our production and at our locations.

We are dedicated to motivating and educating our employees in ‘green thinking’ and inspiring everyone to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

November 2021 Resolux Group became part of the American Gexpro Services, a Dallas-based Global Renewable Energy services supplier.This new partnership brings to bear enhanced service capabilities, including a full technology suite supporting Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), global logistics management, manufacturing localization and import expertise, and end-to-end project management.

Resolux Group and Gexpro Services can share with you many years of experience in the wind industry and supply you globally, locally with solid customer solutions for all turbine manufacturers, tower builders, nacelle, and blade providers and wind park maintenance, - onshore and offshore.

The Group has been active in the wind industry for almost 30 years and firmly established itself as a market leader in the supply of Wind turbine Tower & Nacelle internals both for Onshore and Offshore.

Your overall One-Stop Cross Category Supply Chain Partner . . . .

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​A brief overview of Resolux Group​

Established in 1995 by Ole Teglgaard.​​

August 2023 undergoing a generational transition where Mads-Ole Astrupgaard becomes the new CEO, and Ole Teglgaard continues as the chairman of the board. ​– Read the CEO Statement here

March 2024 moving from Ørbæk to new bigger HQ in Nyborg, Funen - Denmark.

​Subsidiary companies in USA, Brazil, Türkiye, India and China

​Delivers an 'IKEA-solution' to wind turbine manufacturers, allowing products to be efficiently assembled and installed in wind turbine towers.

+100 employees

Since 2021, it has been owned by the Dallas-based company Gexpro Services, which is a part of the American private equity firm Luther King Capital Management.



We are developing our core business in respect for the environment and continually expanding our scope of supply.

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